Grilled Romaine Salad

Last night we made a salad I’ve been wanting to try for quite a while.  I saw it on the cover of the Lunds and Byerly’s magazine when we were at Lunds a couple of months ago.

Lunds magazine

Look at that….doesn’t it just scream summer?

salad recipe spread

Yeah baby.

salad recipe

I found some gorgeous onions at the farmer’s market last week and decided to include them in our grilling fiesta.  We only had two Romas on hand, so I added a few grape tomatoes to supplement.

salad ingredients 1

Ingredients: onions, two Romaine hearts, Roma and grape tomatoes, EV olive oil, lemon juice, balsamic vinegar, Parmesan, cracked black pepper, day-old bread (not shown).

salad ingredients 2 w/ herbs

Ingredients with herbs – basil and oregano.

I brushed all of the veggies with some EV olive oil to prep for the grill.

Meanwhile, DT worked on some homemade croutons (not technically part of the recipe, but we thought they sounded good).  We used day-old bread bought from Cafe Latte when we were there yesterday.

slices of bread

slicing bread

The loaf was already sliced, so the croutons were a little thin and irregular-shaped, but did they ever add a garlicky, crunchy YUM to the salad.

making croutons

DT sprayed the bread chunks with cooking spray and dusted with garlic salt.

unbaked croutons

After I got the vegetables situated, I moved on to the dressing.  I modified the recipe a bit – I didn’t have white balsamic vinegar, but easily substituted it with regular, old dark balsamic.  Also, rather than sprinkle the oregano on top of the salad, I added it to the dressing (along with several sprigs of basil).  I used, ahem, more like six or seven garlic cloves instead of just one sad, lonely clove.  And no anchovies….nonononono.

making dressing 1

dressing 2

This dressing is to die.  Tang from the balsamic, nutty Parmesan, and earthy herbs were a perfect flavor combination.

dressing 3

Ack! Filled RIGHT to the top!

dressing 4

It didn’t take long to toast the croutons – 350 degrees for less than 10 minutes, done!

toasted croutons

Time to get grillin’!

grill 1

lettuce on the grill

grill 2

Look at those gorgeous grill marks on the onions!

grill 3

The lettuce and onions cooked speedily – probably five minutes with a few turns to cook evenly.  Next up, the tomatoes.

grilled tomatoes

grilled veggies 1

grilled veggies 2

Beautiful! Except for that old baking sheet I’m using….I just noticed that. Avert your eyes from that part!

grilled veggies 3

It’s a little hard to see what’s going on with my plate here, I realize that now too, so let me explain.  Veggie burger with grilled onions and browned bun top to the rear.  One half of a Romaine heart is buried, but a few of the grilled onions are sidled up alongside.  Tomatoes, croutons, sprinkled with shredded Parmesan, then drizzled with the dressing.

my plate

We had this as a “side” salad to our respective burger versions, but this could easily be a main course, it turned out to be so much food.  And so so so delicious – quintessential summer on a plate.  I’d never had grilled lettuce before and was a little skeptical that it would be wilty, mooshy, and/or slimy.  It was none of these things, having been on the grill such a short time.  The hearts were really just warmed through, and held on to their crunch.  The tomatoes were roasted to perfection, then with the dressing and croutons, this salad was such a hit.  And really, so easy!

Try it for your next grilled feast!


2 Comments on “Grilled Romaine Salad”

  1. I’ve always been skeptical about the grilled lettuce as well, however, your post made me want to try it soon! Thanks! 🙂

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