Screens from the 4th

Hope your 4th of July was superb!

Yesterday was oddly….quiet.  DT and I were mostly hermits, trying to stay cool in the basement.  Which is a little unfortunate – Independence Day should be so social, so outdoors.  Patios, BBQs, neighbors, noise, bustle.  This year just didn’t feel that way….ummm, it was 101 degrees out.

Anyway, so here’s how we spent the day:

First of all, DT broke a pint glass Tuesday night from our lovely trip to Cape Cod last fall.  Ugh, sad.  I have kindly requested that he use plastic cups from now on, he’s been breaking pints lately.

broken glass 1


broken glass 2

Moving along.

Another batch of sun tea….

sun tea 1

sun tea 2

Beautiful, ripe tomatoes!

ripe tomatoes 1

ripe tomatoes 2

In other garden news, my mint has died.  We’ve been watering like crazy, but I think the heat has just been too much.

Our one excursion out was to Linder’s Flower Mart and the grocery store – the former being a mistake of epic proportions, seeing as it was at the heart of the Richfield 4th of July parade (which was starting in an hour).  Every main street to get there was sectioned off, we went block upon block out of our way – what should have been a five minute drive (one way) turned into over a half hour (one way).

We are stupid.

I was seeking replacement mint at Linder’s, but their selection was picked over and what they had looked very sad and hot and straggly.  So after all the drama to get there (and back), I came home sans mint.  GAH, parades!

Linders 1

Linder's 2

Linder's 3

Once we were FINALLY home, a lunchtime snack….

crackers and dip

AE dip and crackers – this dip is like creamy crack!

AE dip 2


We have citrus.

Beverages of the day….

Pin~a Colada ingredients

Pin~a Colada ingredients

DT's pina coladas

DT’s batch of Pin~a Coladas.

DT's batch of pin~a coladas 2

Sangria ingredients

Sangria ingredients

Sangria fruit

Sangria fruit

Sangria 1

Sangria 2

sparkling water

Sparkling water effervescence

Sangria fruit 2

Sangria finished

Gorgeous! Frozen strawberry subs for an ice cube – perfect!

garden harvest

Garden harvest


I chopped up some parsley and rosemary for DT’s marinading pork chops.

pork chops marinading

Dinner app….


sliced jalapenos

Stuffed jalapenos with roasted red pepper sauce.

Stuffed jalapenos with roasted red pepper sauce, Bobby Flay’s inspiration.

stuffed peppers 2

The stuffing is made of cream cheese, corn, cheddar cheese, onions, and chili powder.

stuffed jalapenos on the grill

Grilled to ooey-gooey perfection.

peppers with sauce

Topped with the roasted red pepper sauce that was both tangy and sweet – such a treat!


pork chops on the grill 1

Marinaded pork chops on the grill for DT.

pork chops on the grill 2

pork chops on the grill 3

grilled pork chops


Our neighbor stopped by with a little 4th of July gift.


My veggies to grill: eggplant, zucchini, and asparagus.

my grilled veggies

peppers and onions

Peppers and onions for DT’s sandwich.

We tried to dine al fresco with our fancy blue plastic plates. We had only just set the table and about 50,000 mosquitoes descended upon us. Plan aborted, back inside we went.

DT's pork chop sandwich

DT’s open-faced pork chop sandwich: each side of the bread is slathered with goat cheese, then the pork chop, then peppers and onions, then a slice of Swiss cheese melted on top.

My veggie sandwich

My sandwich was also open-faced: toasted bun with goat cheese, the veggies piled on top.

We rounded out the night with a walk around the neighborhood to take in some of the local fireworks.

How was your 4th?  Hope you ate and drank well!


One Comment on “Screens from the 4th”

  1. Susan Taylor says:

    Everything looks delicious!! Yum!!

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