Grilled Corn Pasta Salad

Happy super-hot-and-sunny Sunday, folks!

I made a pasta salad side for dinner tonight that I’m pretty excited about.  It’s beautiful, colorful, and flavorful.

The recipe came from the USA-Today-type-foodie flyer we get in our local newspaper each week. It’s Dash.  Like the New Girl theme song….it’s Jess.  Tonight’s inspiration is Dash.  They do have some great ideas.

Dash 1

I’m sorry if that was an obscure reference.


Dash 2

Dash 3

As with most recipes, I had some improvisation.

  1. No broccoli in the house, so frozen peas instead.
  2. No tricolor pasta – we had whole wheat rotini in the pantry.
  3. No olives – no no no.  (We are not an olive family.)
  4. We didn’t have any white wine vinaigrette, so I used a combination of EV olive oil and white wine vinegar.
  5. No salt, just a liberal helping of black pepper.

Here we go.

corn cobs 1

corn cobs 2

grilled corn salad ingredients

I forgot the garlic and Parmesan in this shot – pretend they are there. *Imagine*  Oh, and those tomatoes were ripe from our garden – I added a few more grape tomatoes from the store.  *Imagine those are there too*

grilling corn

So I set them a little on fire….

grilled corn 2

(I grilled the six cobs we had, but only used four for the salad.)

corn cobs

Safely back inside.

peas, parsley, tomato

Vibrant peas, parsley, and tomatoes.

pasta added

Pasta is added….

peas and pasta

grilled corn

Grilled corn off the cob….ahhh.

corn and salad

I mixed up the pasta and veggies….the Parmesan goes on top:

salad with Parm on top

ready to serve 1

Ready and ready.

ready to serve 2

Buon appetit – a perfect pasta salad on a hot summer night!


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