Screens from the Weekend

….A day late.  Oopsie, last night got away from me.

solar lights 1

Charging solar lights

solar light box

solar lights 2

Two strings

fire pit assembly 1

Fire pit assembly

fire pit box

fire pit assembly 2

fire pit assembly 3

fire pit


hammock assembly 1

Now, hammock assembly

hammock assembly 2

hammock frame

Hammock frame

hammock assembly 3

hammock assembly 4

DT in hammock 1

DT in hammock 2

feet in hammock

grass growing 1

Look….grass is growing!  (Kind of.)

grass growing 2

later on the hammock


fire 1

Then DT started a fire (not in the new fire pit)

fire 2

DT's fire

hanging lights 1

Hanging solar lights

hanging lights 2

hanging lights 3

lights 1

lights 2


Later that night….look!

lights at night 1

lights at night 2

lights at night 3

Pretty, glowy ambiance!

What have you been up to?


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