Grapefruit Mojito

Hiya.  How’s the weekend been?  Hot?

Yep.  Hot.

So I thought of something yesterday.  A pretty smart something, I think, in all this heat.

I didn’t get to execute it until today, but I’m pretty pleased.

Grapefruit Mojitos 1

So the SodaStream and I meet again….here’s what I did:

bubbling water


DT bought a bunch of mint from the farmer’s market Thursday….have I mentioned how mine is kind of dead?


Sodastream grapefruit 1

Sodastream grapefruit 2

SS grapefruit

Ruby red!

This sparkling grapefruit juice is sooooo thirst-quenching on a hot summer day.  I had a hunch that mixing it with mint Mojita-style would make it extra delightful.

Grapefruit Mojito ingredients

(I was right.)

mint and glass

Rum in the glass

Rum into the glass….

muddling 1

Muddle muddle muddle!

I didn’t have to add any extra sugar or sweetening – the sparkling grapefruit was just enough sweet-tart.

muddling 2

Grapefruit Mojito 1


Look at that gorgeous cocktail!  And so easy!

Grapefruit Mojito 2

Another win for the SodaStream….BOOOyaaa!

Another win for me on a steamy summer night….BOOOyaaa!

Hope you’re staying cool, cats!  🙂


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