Green Onion Smashed Potatoes

Howdy, how was your Monday?

Just wanted to share a little side dish I whipped up last night to accompany our grilled meal:  Green Onion Smashed Potatoes, a la Bobby Flay.

cookbook and potatoes

smashed potatoes recipe

smashed potatoes ingredients


This recipe was so easy and quick….just a few incredibly accessible ingredients, minimal prep, throw into a bowl….voila!

I bought these little red potatoes at the farmer’s market last week.  This was the perfect way to use them.

While they boiled, I prepped the rest of the ingredients.

boiling potatoes

green onions

chopped green onions

butter and sour cream

Butter, sour cream, and cracked black pepper

potatoes into bowl

mixing up

Folding – and smashing – the potatoes into the creamy mixture.

green onions added

smashed potatoes

At the very last minute I remembered to add rosemary from the garden.  I took a couple of crappy photos with my phone that I won’t even bother to post, but let me just say it was a delightful, fragrant addition to the potatoes.

Potatoes + Rosemary = Youcan’tgowrong.

Or parsley, or oregano, or basil, or thyme….any would work so well here.  So do it.  You will be happy.

Hope you’re off to a great week!


One Comment on “Green Onion Smashed Potatoes”

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