Screens from Sunday

Sunday, Sunday….

Sunday paper

The day began with the Sunday paper, one of our most favorite things.  So sad and senseless about Aurora, CO.

sun tea fruit

Yet another batch of sun tea is brewed….I think this is our fifth this summer?

sun tea steeping

watering can

Sunday chores, including yard work and watering plants.

pepper plant 1

The pepper plants are starting to go crazy….

pepper plant 2



Mears Park 1

A visit to St. Paul and a stroll through Mears Park….

Mears Park 2


Bulldog menu

soft pretzels

Soft pretzels with spicy mustard to start.

utensil holder

veggie quesadillas

My veggie quesadilla and chips.

DT's club

DT’s club sandwich and fries.

squirrel and chip

We shared a leftover chip with one of the Mears Park residents.

Revelin Patrick

Meeting our new friend, Revelin Patrick. So tiny and sooo sweet! Congratulations, Rick and Heidi!

Revelin and me


DT and Revelin

hammock time

Hammock time in the evening….

hammock 2

Hope your week is off to a great start!


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