Grilled Corn and Brown Rice Salad

It’s Saturday….and it’s late!

Have you caught Olympic fever yet?  We’ve had a busy, busy day (more on that tomorrow), but we’re finally home for the night (yep, we’re maybe a little lame….it’s not really that “late”) and I’m totally mesmerized by the swimming and gymnastic events.

So last night….

I made a little salad to accompany our grilled burgers (veggie and not).  It was inspired by a post I saw on Iowa Girl Eats this week, a barley corn salad.

My salad is a verrrry loose interpretation of what you see on IGE….we ate later, after the kids went to bed, so I didn’t take the time to make that yummy tomato vinaigrette.  When I make this next time, though, I will.

Here’s what I did:

corn cobs

Corn from the St. Paul farmer’s market, purchased last weekend.

buttered corn cobs

Buttered and ready for the grill!

corn on the grill

Grillin’ corn….just grillin’ some corn.

grilled corn 1

grilled corn 2

grilled corn 3


salad ingredients

Ingredients: EV olive oil, red wine vinegar, brown rice, grilled corn (four cobs), green onions (one bunch), cherry tomatoes from the garden (handful), Italian parsley and oregano (thank you, Nancy!), cracked black pepper (not shown).

brown rice

Brown rice – cooked.

fresh ingredients

Herbs, tomatoes, green onions.

grilled corn added

Grilled corn added….


It’s coming together!  I added the EV olive oil, then red wine vinegar and pepper to taste.

salad complete

Now the rice.  Done!  So pretty!

salad complete 2

All of the flavors….the grilled corn crunch, the fresh tomatoes, onions, and herbs, the nutty rice….perfection.  I had to have seconds even though I probably didn’t need it.  I love having so many fresh ingredients this time of year to piece together for delicious wonderfulness.

Yes.  I said wonderfulness.

This will be filed away for future use fer sure.

Signing off to rest up for a fun tomorrow….goodnight!


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