Tour de Fat 2012


It’s Sunday night already….seriously, where do the weekends go??

DT and I have had a pretty chillax day – the house was cleaned and that makes me happy.  That was the extent of our motivation.

New Belgium Brewing’s Tour de Fat paid a visit to Minneapolis yesterday.  We loaded up the kiddos and headed over to Loring Park for an afternoon of over-stimulation, beer (for the adults), and a little weirdness.  Good weirdness.  Fun weirdness.

bikes 1

Bikes, bikes, bikes!

bikes 2

Tour de Fat entrance

Welcome to Tour de Fat!

tire totem pole 1

The kids had a blast with the bike-tire-totem-pole-thingy. So did DT.

tire totem pole 2

tire totem pole 3

tire totem pole 4


Kind of like a game of telephone….

Henry, telephone

Henry in the telephone bubble.

rink of bikes

The rink of weird bikes.

tires made of shoes

Tires made of shoes….wobbly maybe?!

beer token

Beer token of our affection….sure, I’ll take one!

Fat Tire

DT and me 1

DT and me 2


de Fat dates

de Fat dates.

The hand-pedal-noisy-whirlygiggy 1

The hand-pedal-noisy-whirlygiggy.

The hand-pedal-noisy-whirlygiggy 2

Pedal, pedal, pedal!

Yell into the tube and make the wheel turn

Yell into a tube and make the wheel turn.

yelling tube 2

yelling wheel

Tour de Fat stage

Tour de Fat stage….we saw Sean Hayes perform. Do you know him? He was really good!

Plinko 1


Plinko 2

Plinko 3

slinky steps

Slinky steps.


Our new buddy, Swiss mountain dog Fezzik. He’s adorable!

Fat Tire and me

Fat Tire and me.

Fun house mirrors 1

Fun house mirrors.

fun house mirrors 2

fun house mirrors 3

fun house mirrors 4

fun house mirrors 5

Life-sized Jenga!

Life-sized Jenga!

falling blocks

Jenga 2

blocks fall


Jenga 2

blocks fall again

Oops again.

hitting kegs 1

Hitting kegs….felt really good on my head.

keg hitting 2

keg hitting 3

Aggression relief for a six and nine-year old.

hitting kegs 4


Varsity Bike Transit

Loring Park fountain

Loring Park fountain.

fam photo

three Puma pairs

Three pairs of Pumas walk toward the car….

my Pumas

I wore mine later. 😉

Have a great week!


2 Comments on “Tour de Fat 2012”

  1. Jennifer says:

    I missed the Tour this year – glad I got to live vicariously through your photos. Also glad to see that they change it up from year to year!

  2. […] We were in Des Moines when Tour de Fat came through the Twin Cities last year, so we were excited to return for the 2014 visit! Remember 2012? […]

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