Kale Chips

My bff Nancy has inundated me with her garden excess….what a tough problem to have!  🙂

We have kale coming out of our ears around here, so I thought I would try a recipe my mom recently told me about – a mere three ingredients, little to no prep time, little to no baking time.  Sold!

Kale chips ingredients

Ingredients: salt, EV olive oil, and kale. That’s it, done!



Start by rinsing the kale and getting as much of the water off as you can.  Pull the leaves off the stem-y thing.

Drizzle the olive oil to coat the kale….

EV olive oil drizzle 1

EV olive oil drizzle 2

Add just a little salt – maybe three-four twists of the grinder?  I know, super accurate.

Then spread the leaves out on a baking sheet.  Again, I ask….please disregard my very old and worn and used sheet.  It is filled with baking love but does not necessarily photograph nicely.  At all.

spread kale out 1

kale cookie sheet

Don’t layer the leaves, keep them to one story, if you will.  I ended up using two baking sheets for the amount of kale I had.

kale on cookie sheet 2

375-degree oven, 10 minutes later….

baked kale

Watch the kale closely!  It can so easily burn, and frankly, I had no idea what I was doing.  I was looking in the oven every minute, pretty much.  Look how much the leaves shrink down!

bowl of kale 1

bowl of kale 2

These chips are really, actually addicting!  They were a tad greasy from the olive oil (probably would lighten up on that next time), but the amount of salt is just perfect.  Kind of like eating an extra-light-and-airy potato chip.  That’s kale instead.  😉

BTW – I made the smashed potatoes again last night, except I substituted Greek yogurt for the sour cream.  We are verrrrry late to the Greek yogurt party, but are loving it!  Such a versatile ingredient, and so much protein!  It was a perfect addition to that potato salad, made it so extra creamy.

Hope your week is off to a great start!


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