Windy City-Bound

Happy hump day!

(I really don’t like that phrase – at all.  It’s just too….visual.  I don’t know why I just used it.  You probably won’t ever see it here again.  :-\ )

Any-hoo, the week is moving especially quickly because it’s a short one, because this is my Friday, because my mom and I are hoppin’ a plane to Chicago tomorrow!  Weeeeeeeee!

Bright and early, 6 am baby.  Oyy.  DT is our airport chauffeur – I’m fairly certain we’ll have service with a smile that time of morning.  😉

Sooooo….I’m signing off for the week, but look for a post or two from our little adventure to come when we return (Sunday).

Until then….adios amigos!


One Comment on “Windy City-Bound”

  1. […] when my mom and I went to Chicago around this time last year?  Well, we’re going again! […]

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