Spicyland in Chicago – Day 1

Well, hello.  How was your weekend?

Mine was gooooood.  Really gooooooood.  Not to brag or anything.  😉

As I mentioned in my last post, my mom and I headed to Chicago for the weekend – my dad was working on Macy’s Glamorama show, so we crashed his room for a few days in the big city.

As brutal as the 6 am flight Thursday was, we arrived to the hotel before 10 – we had the whole day ahead of us.

Sweet Daddy-o left us some treats before he left for work.

note from Dad

goodies from Dad

Champagne, orange juice, white wine, Bloody Mary mix, vodka, Malbec cube, bottled water…beautiful bar, Pops!

Einstein's muffins

And muffins from Einstein’s….yuuumm.


A Mimosa overlooking Michigan Avenue at 10 am on a Thursday? Yes, I can do that.

Our room was awesome!  We stayed at the Hard Rock Hotel right on Michigan Avenue – such a prime location!

Hard Rock room 1

Hard Rock room 2

Hard Rock bathroom 1

Enormous bathroom!

Hard Rock bathroom 3

After we enjoyed a Mimosa and muffin, showered, and cleaned up, Mumsy and I headed out for a stroll on the town – except it was a bit drizzly.

Mom and I, raincoats

Chicago River 1

We came upon this….

rubber duck truck 1

Rubber duck truck 2

A truck full of rubber duckies??

I kid you not.

The next morning we saw on the news – they were released into the Chicago River as part of the Rubber Ducky Derby to support the Special Olympics.

NBC building

NBC building

We meandered over to Navy Pier….by then the rain had drizzled out.

Navy Pier 1

Mom and me, Navy Pier

Navy Pier 2

Navy Pier Conservatory 1

Navy Pier Conservatory

Navy Pier Conservatory 2

Bitsy's plant

We found Bitsy’s plant from my bff Jinju – do we know what it is yet?!

Michigan Avenue 1

Smith and Wollensky

Smith & Wollensky, Chicago

After a bunch of walking, we landed at South Water Kitchen for lunch – just around the block from our hotel.

It was around 2:00, we’d been up for 12 hours, we were starving.

But we didn’t want an enormous lunch to fill us up for dinner….we shared a spinach salad and flatbread.  It was delightful!

spinach salad


Flatbread with goat cheese, asparagus, red onions, and mushrooms.  Mum took my share of the ‘shrooms, yesh.

salad and flatbread

After lunch, we headed back to the Hard Rock for a nice, long nap.  🙂

Upon waking….

Flasq Chardonnay

Have you ever seen vino in such a vessel?  Pretty slick!

Dad was done working, we were well rested….time to head out for dinner.

Wrigley Building

Wrigley Building

Chicago Tribune

We went toward Navy Pier again, to Quay on Illinois Street.

Quay menu

Markham Sauv Blanc

Stuffed piquillo peppers

I ordered the stuffed piquillo peppers….ahhh!

Mom's ginormous Kobe burger and fries.

Mom’s ginormous Kobe burger and fries.

Dad's BBQ shrimp flatbread

Dad’s BBQ shrimp flatbread.

Filled to the brim, we waddled back to the hotel – it turned out to be a wonderful evening after the gusts and rain.

Chicago Tribune at night

Chicago is off to a maaahhhvelous start!  Days two and three to come.



4 Comments on “Spicyland in Chicago – Day 1”

  1. Lots of drinking and eating! Right up my alley 🙂

  2. Susan Taylor says:

    Great pictures, looks like you had a wonderful time!!

  3. Jennifer says:

    Just WHAT does your dad do?! Glamorama?! Awesome!!!

  4. […] dad, mom, and I had a blast in Chicago one long weekend in […]

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