Spicyland in Chicago – Day 2

Day 2 in the Windy City started out with a walk through Millennium Park, mere blocks from our hotel.

We had heard chances of rain throughout the day, so we lugged our raincoats along….as it turns out, no rain.  It was mostly sunny and a bit gusty….not too shabby for strolling around!

Mom, Millennium Park 1

Millennium Park 2

The bean!

Cloud Gate 1

A.K.A. Cloud Gate

Cloud Gate 2

Cloud Gate 3

We had to do it….us taking a picture of us reflected on the bean. We’re clever that way.

Cloud Gate 4

City reflected.

Jay Pritzker Pavilion

Jay Pritzker Pavilion

Jay Pritzker Pavilion 2

Lurie Park 1

Lurie Garden – pretty lady in a pretty garden.

A little after noon we met up with my dad and he walked us over to the Harris Theater, Glamorama’s home for the week.

Glam rehearsal stage 1

Dress rehearsal!

Glam rehearsal pass

Glam rehearsal, Mom and me

Glam rehearsal stage 2

After the rehearsal, the three of us hiked up to the Gold Coast neighborhood.  We were determined to retrace our steps to the restaurant where we had wine and cheese the first night of our Chicago-Glam trip four years ago.

It was one of those….”remember there was a patio here, it was on that side of the street, I swear it was on this corner?” recollections.  Foggy at best.

Dad knew just where to go – Tavern on Rush.  We had a delicious late lunch that I didn’t photograph any of because I was too busy eating and our table was about the size of a stool.

After lunch, Dad had to head back to the theater, Mom and I cruised Michigan Avenue to do some shoppin’.

Michigan Ave, Hancock Building

Hancock Building

Old Chicago Water Tower 2

Old Chicago Water Tower

Old Chicago Water Tower 1

We didn’t go to the actual show Friday night, but we did go to the Glam after-party….on a rooftop, under a tent, next to the theater.  It was bumpin’, it was loud, it was bright, it was people watching, it was eats and drinks….it was a blast!

Glam party 1

Glam party 2

Robin Thicke

Robin Thicke – and his hair!

Robin Thicke 2

The back of Robin Thicke’s head.

Glam party 3

Macy's magarita

The Macy’s Margarita: Petron, orange and lime juice. Eeep!

Mom, Dad, and me at the Glam after-party

Mom, Dad, and me at the paarr-tay.


Look, it’s Karmin!

Connor and me

This is my dad’s coworker, Connor. He is 6’11”. I am 5’2″.

Connor and me 2

Mom, Dad, me - Glam party

Such a fabulous day – and night!  And it’s going so fast – day 3 tomorrow!


One Comment on “Spicyland in Chicago – Day 2”

  1. Love the reflection of the city photo! It’s amazing! 🙂

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