Mill City Farmers Market

Sunday already?  Seriously – the summer is flying, I can’t believe it’s August 19.  And it’s already getting dark soooooo.  Early.  Noooooo!

So we have to make the most of these dog days weekends….we made our first visit to the Mill City Farmers Market yesterday morning.  What took us so long?!

Mill City Market 1

It was so lively and fun, with a perfect view of the river and St. Anthony Main.  And beautiful, bee-yoo-tee-ful fruits, vegetables, pastries, ice cream….you name it, I imagine you might find it here.

Mill City Market 2

Mill City Market 3

Mill City Market 4

We bought six ears. Yuumm.

We also bought a carton of baby potatoes to grill or boil and smash.  More yuummm!

Mill City Market 5

Mill City Market 6


Mill City Market 7

Mill City Market 8

Coming from a household that eats some form of pepper pretty much every single night, this is magical.

Mill City Market ice cream

Ice cream for breakfast? Why not?

DT and kids, Mill City Market

Kids and me, Mill City Market

Chef Shack

How was your weekend?  What gorgeous produce did you find?


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