Feline Fridays

Good day!

I can’t decide if this week went slowly or quickly….must be somewhere in the middle.  How was yours?

What is it about cats and their love of snuggling magazines and/or newspapers stacked on the coffee table?  I guess it’s the papery crunch.  Milo has made a career of hunting down the latest Crate and Barrel catalog, Vanity Fair, or Variety section of the Star Tribune (likely the part I haven’t read yet – he just knows).  And in today’s photos, Esquire.

RJ is recently smitten with a stack of paper grocery bags in the laundry room.

Such strange creatures.

Milo, Esquire 1

Milo, Esquire 2

Milo, Esquire 3

Milo, Esquire 4

Milo, Esquire 5

Milo, Esquire 6

Milo, Esquire 7

What’s on deck for your weekend?  Whatever it is, I hope it’s a great one!  (So does Milo.  😉 )


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