Feline Fridays

Holy buckets, it’s Labor Day weekend!

Where did the summer go??

People – and by people I mean me – and everyone – always ask where the summer went, how did it fly by so quickly….?  But this summer felt particularly fast (people always say that too).  July was a heatwave and August was a blur.

I’m grieving the end of summer more than I usually do.  Fall is my favorite season – the leaves are so beautiful, the air smells so fresh, my wardrobe changes to warmer and cozier, meals become heartier, aaaannnnddd….you might recall my smallish obsession with fall decor last year?  Yep, I can unearth all that pretty, fun stuff and set out around the house.  Fall is kind of a big, comforting bear hug after a sweltering summer.

But still.  I’m just not quite ready.  I could use one more month.

(Who do I ask for one more month?!)

Well, anyway.  It’s Friday, a three-day weekend is ahead, and I’m fairly certain – grief-from-end-of-summer-or-not – DT and I will make it a great one.


In recent months, we’ve discovered RJ likes shoes.  Really likes shoes.  He likes to lay on them, smell them, roll around on them, drape his enormous feet over them, sleep on them….he doesn’t seem to mind that they are somewhat bumpy and probably kind of smelly.

So I’ve taken a boatload of photos of him lovin on our tennis shoes, flip-flops, and slippers (on a day we happened to have 37 pairs by the back door).  We’ll call this “The RJ-Shoe Series:  Part 1.”

RJ shoes 1

RJ shoes 2

RJ shoes 3

RJ shoes 4

RJ shoes 5

RJ shoes 6

Have a delightful and safe holiday!



2 Comments on “Feline Fridays”

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  2. […] Remember when I mentioned that RJ likes to sleep on shoes? […]

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