Date at Pizza Luce

DT and I were sooooo excited to learn earlier this spring that Pizza Luce would be moving into the old, abandoned Bridgeman’s space (remember Bridgeman’s?!) – three minutes from our house (and totally walkable/bikeable). We waited and waited and waited….watching construction begin and progress as they transformed the restaurant over the summer.

We’ve been there a bunch of times since they opened late July…it’s our new, favorite neighborhood hangout!

Pizza Luce entrance

Luce inside

We treated ourselves to a Luce pizza last night and sat out on the patio for the first time.  It was such a beautiful evening!  (Did you catch the blue moon, by the way?  Gorgeous!)

Luce patio

DT, Luce patio

Luce menu 1

Luce menu 2

What to order….?

We settled on a large pizza with banana peppers and garlic.

Luce cheers

Cheers to our pizza decision-making!

A short while later, this was delivered our table….

pizza 1


pizza 2

pizza slices

Oh-so-tasty!  And garlicky!  Good thing we were each others’ dates.  😉

Luce’s crust is on the thicker side, chewy and soft.  The sauce has some zesty kick and we love the tang of banana peppers.  DT and I approve!

The aftermath:

The aftermath

We did some serious damage to the pizza, but definitely had leftovers to put in this pretty pink box.

pizza box

We headed out for a stroll when we got home….needed to walk off some of that ‘za and gaze at the big, blue moon.

That was our big Friday night – what did you do?

Hope you’re enjoying your Saturday….college football is back, go Hawkeyes!


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