Indeed Brewing!

My bff Nancy – her husband Nathan, along with Tom, Rachel, and brewer Josh are living their dream with the debut of Indeed Brewing in NE Minneapolis.

If you live in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, you know about the boom of craft breweries opening recently.  We are thrilled Indeed is one of them and that we know their super-cool founders.  😉


We’d been to Indeed a few times before they officially opened last month, but Saturday night was our first visit as legitimate open-for-business-taproom visitors.  It’s a warm and inviting space….laid back and energetic all at once, if that doesn’t sound crazy.  Makes you want to kick back with a cold one!  Day Tripper, perhaps??  That’s my fave.

Indeed inside 1

Indeed pints

Nancy gave Dustin a little behind-the-scenes tour.  Here’s DT with some kegs:

David and kegs

Indeed banner

Indeed tour 1

To the packaging hall!

Indeed tour 2

Nancy and Dustin

It was a beautiful evening and there was a steady crowd moving between the taproom and patio where a DJ played.

Indeed taproom

shuffleboard bag

Shuffleboard anyone?

shuffleboard 1

shuffleboard 2

shuffleboard 3

It was time to dust off my shuffleboard skills learn how to play the game.  I’m sure I’ve played at least once before in my life, but if I did it was a very long time ago and an occasion I do not remember.  At all.

shuffleboard 4

The teams:  Brother-Sister (Skins) vs. DT and Nancy (Shirts).

scoreboard 1

I like where this is going!

scoreboard 2

shuffleboard 5

scoreboard 3

Aaaaannnndd….that would be game!

final score

How deprived have I been!  It’s so much fun!  (Especially when you win.  😉 )

Go Team Brother-Sister!

Nancy and me, Indeed

DT at Indeed

Chef Shack was on hand to dispense eats (Indeed works with local food trucks to park outside when the taproom is open).

Chef Shack at Indeed

Indeed patio 1

Indeed patio 2

DJ at Indeed

I love this one….

Nancy, Nate, Dustin at Indeed

Yahoo for Indeed Brewing!  We’re so excited and I envision many a winter night cozied up in their taproom with a pint and the occasional game of shuffleboard.  Go check them out!


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