Third Anniversary at Oceanaire

Yesterday DT and I celebrated our third wedding anniversary….I can’t believe it, three years.  In so many ways it feels like we tied the knot two days ago – in others, it feels like 10 years.  Not a bad 10 years – just a lot-has-happened-in-what-feels-like-10-years.

But mostly, time goes by in a blink.

I surprised DT with reservations at The Oceanaire Seafood Room….a place I have no business going, seeing as I don’t really eat anything they serve.  But I knew it was a spot DT longed to visit, so you know….the things you do for love.  On your third anniversary.  And I somehow had a hunch that I wouldn’t go hungry.

Oceanaire outside

Oceanaire inside

raw bar


Oceanaire menu

Personalized anniversary menus?!  So neat!

As if the menus weren’t already fun and unexpected, when we went to order a bottle of wine, our waiter delivered a card from my parents – they’re sneaky that way.  They treated us to a bottle of vino, how lovely!

surprise bottle of wine

And it was goooood, by the way.


Cheers to three years!

We started with an appetizer – shrimp and grits.  The perfect match for us.  DT ate the shrimp (which I don’t eat), I ate the creamy, luscious, cheddar-y grits (which he hates, I cannot figure it out).  So you see – it works!

shrimp and grits appetizer

For his entree, DT ordered the halibut prepared Louie style….which I guess means that a bunch of crab is dumped on top of the fillet.  Served with mashed potatoes.

DT's halibut

I picked out a couple of sides.  Summer squash with tomato and garlic:

summer squash with tomato and garlic

And a pile of sour cream mashed potatoes (and no, I did not eat all that!):

pile of mashed potatoes

A happy man!

DT at dinner

flaky halibut

The damage to DT’s plate:

the damage

As if enough gluttony hadn’t already happened during this meal, this showed up:

Baked Alaska 1

Baked Alaska?  How have I never heard of this??

Our waiter poured rum over the top of the meringue and lit it up to bring a beautiful char to the outside, then sliced it in half.

Baked Alaska half

Seriously, how do you even make this??

Baked Alaska slice

The cherry ice cream was such a delight, the sponge cake it sat upon was sweet and, well, spongy….the Dulce de leche swimming around the dish was completely indulgent.

Yet, I have no regrets.

And now, the Baked Alaska damage:

Baked Alaska damage

Oyyy-oy-oy.  Time for elastic stretchy pants.

DT and me, third anniversary

The token gift for a third anniversary is something made of leather.  Soooooo, we gave each other wallets.  🙂

Happy three years to us – we made it!


8 Comments on “Third Anniversary at Oceanaire”

  1. Susan Taylor says:

    The two of you look so happy!!! Glad you had such a wonderful dinner!! And congrats on three years of happiness!!

  2. Lori Berglin says:

    Beautiful couple!

  3. […] was a little like our dinner at Oceanaire last September, in that the menu options for me were rather limited.  But I never go hungry! […]

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