Feline Fridays

Happy Friday!

(Okay, honestly – when I first typed that, I typed “Happy Firday.”  Get it, if it was Feline Furdays??  Cats and fur?  Hahaha.  I chuckle to myself.)

Today’s FF photos are a few of me lovin’ on Milo in my jammies, sans makeup and any respectable hairdo.  Not so flattering – please focus on the ginormous beast I’m holding in my arms, it’s hard to miss him.

Milo and me 1

Milo and me 2, b

Milo and me 3

Plans for the weekend?  Ours is rather busy, come to think of it.  I’m hoping for a few blocks of downtime to cozy up with a blanket and my book (State of Wonder by Ann Patchett – I’m really enjoying it)….or bundle up a bit and stroll around the ‘hood to admire the pretty colors already popping up.

Fall is definitely here….have a great one!


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