Screens from Saturday

Yesterday was lovely.

The first day of fall and it was jam-packed with good/wonderful/grand things, without us really trying to make it be so.  It started with Sam’s football game – my family (Dad, Mom, Greyhound, Brother, Brother’s gal) came to watch him.  Well….the fourth play of the game, Sam had a little head bump and he had to sit out for the rest.  He’s fine, thankfully – and everyone stuck around to cheer the Raiders on (they won).

After the game, we (Dad/Mom/DT/me/Sam/Henry) went bowling.  Lariat Lanes is two minutes from our house and it’s awesome!

bowling shoes

Bowling shoes rock.

Lariat Lanes

Lariat Lanes 2

Summit at Lariat

Yep. Beer and bowling, you gotta.

bowling balls

Mom bowling 1

Go Mamma go!

Mom bowling 2

Dad bowling 1

Yay, Daddy-o!

Sam bowling 1

Apparently – Sam has a crazy curve ball.

Henry bowling 1

Henry patiently waits for his ball to reach the pins. I know the feeling!

Dad bowling 2

Dad bowling 3

Henry eating pizza

bowling scoreboard

My parents schooled me. Again. (Reference bowling in Chicago four years ago.)

We came back to our place and ran Bailey-hound ragged in the backyard.  She loves her footballs!

Henry and Bailey

Bailey football 1

Bailey football 2

Bailey football 3

Then an unexpected project.  My dad is the Grass Whisperer and insists he can make grass grow where we couldn’t this summer.  So when I asked him when he was going to do his magic at 7:00 last night, he asked if we had seed.  Yes.  Black dirt.  No.  Shovel.  Yes.  Okay, let’s get to work!  I did not expect that!

We rallied the troops and dug in.

dirt diggers 1

Bailey inside

Bailey waits patiently inside.

Henry was a taskmaster – next to my father.

dirt diggers 2

Bailey inside 2

Bailey has given up.

dirt diggers 3

sowing seeds 1

Dad and Henry sowed the grass seed….

sowing seeds 2

Dad watering

Then my dad watered like crazy.

Here’s hoping, grow grass grow!  I feel like I’ve said this before!

We went inside and treated ourselves to delicious pizzas from Broadway after our bowling and landscaping.

Broadway Pizza is amazeballs.  I took no pictures, but it was amazeballs.  Get it.  Now.  Every day of your life, get it.

Then we chilled.

Mom and Sam

Mamma and Sam

Sam, Milo, Mom

Milo had to get in on the love. Of course he did.

Mom and Sam 2


Ohhhh Milo. You are so loved.

Sam and Bailey

Sam snuggles with Bailey….I love this pic!  (Yes, Sam’s hair is partly green.)

The aftermath (To be clear, Milo does not give a flying hoot about dogs.  RJ does not care for them in his house.  At all.  Either way, they were both exhausted.):

Milo on my bum 1

Milo on my bum

Milo on my bum 2

He loves me, I really think he does.

RJ Iowa blanket

RJ on his fleecy throne

RJ Iowa blanket 2

Dang dogs stopping over!  So happy when they leave, ahhhh….

Perfect, just perfect.  I love Saturdays exactly like this!

What have you been up to?


4 Comments on “Screens from Saturday”

  1. Good to see the Viking upset!! 🙂 sounds like a wonderful weekend. Good luck on the grass We are on our way home from Dallas as I’m writing this…

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  3. […] Then the grass-growing challenge began (you may recall we had to do this twice): […]

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