When Imaginations Run Away

DT and I had been planning to take a long weekend this fall and go….somewhere.  We talked about Red Wing (we had so much fun there in June), Door County, the North Shore, Mackinac Island, you know – places relatively close to home.

A couple of Sundays ago we started talking seriously about when we might take this little trip and where we’d really like to go.  We brainstormed drivable destinations and it didn’t take long before we were in full-on travel planning mode.  Which is so exciting, and makes an already-pleasant Sunday morning [complete with the paper and a pot of coffee] freaking OUT OF THIS WORLD.

Then DT turned the whole thing on its head when he said, “Maybe we should FLY somewhere.”

Eyes lit up, spirits soared higher, and imaginations burst through the roof.

“Fly somewhere, eh….,” I replied.  “Wellllll….OKAY!”

Then I did a happy dance!

A whole new world (kind of literally) presented itself when we brought airplanes into the mix.  Very quickly we weren’t talking about just a long weekend, but maybe more like a week?  Yessss.  Where should we go?  Again with the brainstorming….we spent the day dreaming and it was wonderful.

After we’d rattled off at least a half-dozen destinations, we narrowed them down to two:  Napa Valley/wine country, CA or Maine.

We checked airfares to both and they were reasonable, whichever coast we chose.  Then we started talking about our trip to Boston/Cape Cod last year (we were there a year ago now!) and felt such a longing to go back and recreate our time out east.  So, by a mere smidgen of nostalgia, Maine won.  But Napa’s not far behind the next time we get a wild hair and go travel-bananas!

Here’s our plan:

We fly into Portland, ME on November 3.  We’re renting a car and driving down to Providence, RI for two nights.  (I have this strange fascination with Providence, I cannot tell you why – I just really want to see it.)  On November 5, we’ll drive up the Maine coast to Bar Harbor, where we’ll spend another two nights.  We’ll round out the trip back in Portland and fly home November 10.  DT’s birthday is November 9, so we’ll celebrate Portland-style!

I can’t wait, I can’t wait, I can’t wait!!

Have you ever started planning a trip that takes a complete 180 with a life of its own?  It’s kinda fun!  🙂


2 Comments on “When Imaginations Run Away”

  1. Jennifer says:

    That sounds fantastic!! Yippeeee! Zebby and I have Portland, ME on the top of our list too! We’ll have to get tips from you when we go one day…

  2. […] bidding adieu for the upcoming week as we travel to the east coast….remember when our imaginations ran away? Departure day is […]

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