Ben Folds Five!

Last night we saw Ben Folds Five perform at the beautiful Orpheum Theater.  Weeeee!

DT and I went with his sister Jill and brother-in-law Tom.  This was the third time I’ve seen Ben Folds, and the first to see the Five after they’d disbanded for years and recently reunited.

The first time I saw Ben Folds was at the extra-dreaded Myth nightclub….he put on a great show, but the horrid venue took away from his excellence.  Concert numero dos was about two years ago at Orchestra Hall – playing with the orchestra.  It was awesome!  The mix of Ben’s music and theirs was unexpected and fun.

The Orpheum was a perfect location for this group – intimate, low-key, relaxing – with a tad of sophistication, being in a thee-A-ter and all.

Pre-show beers at Brits….

pre-show beers

Orpheum theater

Orpheum marquis

BFF crew

BFF crew: me, Tom, DT, Jill

Our seats were in the balcony, pretty high up – but really, you can’t have a bad seat in this house.  You might be a ways from the stage, but you’ll still have a clear view.

BFF ticket

Orpheum ceiling

DT and me, BFF

BFF stage

Heeeere’s Ben Folds Five!



He beats the crap out of that piano!



They played a mix of old and new songs, and definitely covered off on a bunch of their classics….Missing the War, Selfless, Cold, and Composed, Landed (sigh), Battle of Who Could Care Less, Brick, Philosophy, Kate, Army….the encore was Underground and One Angry Dwarf and 200 Solemn Faces.  YES!

I don’t have their new album yet, but really enjoyed their newest offerings, especially Hold That Thought.






The show was complete when Ben threw the stool at the piano on his way off the stage.  Hahahaha!

He’s such an entertaining performer and engages the audience with his goofy stories.  I’m so glad we caught BFF when they were in town….come back again soon, guys!


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