Screens from Sunday

Happy Monday, ya’ll….how’s it treating you?

This past weekend’s weather couldn’t have been more perfect to send off September 2012.  Which made it allthemoredifficult to come back to work this morning.  I want to believe that we’ll have another taste of bright, sunny skies and warm air this month, but it’s definitely retreating and giving way to fall.  Hmmm.  Eventually I will accept the inevitable.

My brother played in an Ultimate Frisbee tournament this weekend, so we took a little drive west yesterday to Maple Plain and cheered him on.

He is number 19 and his team is Male Men.  Goooooo Dustin, goooooo Male Men!

Ultimate Frisbee 1

Ultimate Frisbee 2

Ultimate Frisbee 3

Ultimate Frisbee 4

Ultimate Frisbee 5

Ultimate Frisbee 6

Ultimate Frisbee 7

They won their second game of the day, although I couldn’t keep up with the scoring, so sadly cannot report on that.  13-….something?  Bad big sister cheerleader.  😦  But way to go, guys!

Since we were out in this neck of the woods, we paid a visit to Woodland Hill Winery in Delano – about 10 minutes from where we watched the tournament.

Woodland Hills vineyard 1

Woodland Hill Winery entrance

tasting room entrance

group therapy sign


We weren’t sure what to expect of the winery – or the wine – but hey.  We’ll try anything once!

tasting room entrance 2

The tasting room was packed!  We deduced that a Groupon/Living Social/Google Offers/Crowd Cut/all of the above deal was expiring yesterday.  It made sense – end of the month and all.  We’re good detectives like that.  😉

tasting room

There was a separate bar to sample gourmet flavored olive oils and vinegars.  Deelish!

olive oil and vinegar bar

tasting room bottles

While it was great to see such support for local wine (or people cashing in on their deal, whatever the case may be), the wine bar area was total chaos.  People who’d opted to do the tasting lingered at the bar while they tried all their samples, and those who just wanted a glass or bottle (e.g. DT and myself) were stuck behind the thick line of tasters.  We thought it would make sense to have one section of the bar reserved for tasting and another to move customers through to select, pay, and be on their way.  Not that anyone was asking us for advice on operating a winery, but uhhhh….

Sooooo….we waited a while.

When we finally weaseled our way up to the bar, we went for the full Monty:  a bottle.  We’d never had Woodland Hill wine before, so our selection was a bit of a crapshoot.  We just didn’t want to face the crowd again.

Our pick:

Northwoods Red

Cheers take 1

Cheers, take one

Cheers take 2

Cheers, take two

The wine was definitely on the sweeter side and I’m not sure the plum, black cherry, and pepper flavors shone through as cleanly as the website describes.  It was good – just not the kind of red wine we’re used to.  A future bottle pick would be something drier or more pronounced, e.g. Up North or Vinny’s Red.

The winery grounds were gorgeous….add to it the leaves on the trees and it was all-around spectacular.  It couldn’t have been a more relaxing day to sit outside and drink some vino.

beautiful fall day

beautiful orange tree

me at Woodland Hill Winery

purple kale

After lounging for a while, we took our bottle and meandered around.

Woodland Hill grounds

convertible and tree

Convertible parked next to a tree….why not?

Woodland Hill vineyard gate

Vineyard entrance

grape vines

DT and me, Woodland Hill

It’s so fun to….just-walk-around-with-an-open-bottle-of-wine!  Heehee.

DT at Woodland Hill

Woodland Hill sign

We had a lovely afternoon between the tournament and winery…it’s funny what the scenery becomes a mere 15-20 minutes outside the city.  Houses are spread out, yards are bigger, the land is so much more open.  And it’s so quiet.  We could have grown roots for the rest of the day!

Woodland Hill Winery will certainly be filed away for future visits….might be kinda fun to do a winter trek out there sometime.  But for now….

leaving Woodland Hill

Until next time, Woodland Hill!


One Comment on “Screens from Sunday”

  1. yennilb says:

    Fun day! I had no idea about that vineyard! Looks so pretty.

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