Feline Fridays

Friday, oh sweet sweet Friday.  Oh sweet *COLD* Friday!

Yikes, the temperatures have certainly taken a dive from earlier in the week.  Hellllooooo furnace, it may be time to put you back in action.  And snow in northern Minnesota?!  Already??  Eeep.

I am simply not ready.

Enough weather talk, let’s segue to this week’s FF and more cat feet….

One thing (out of thousands) about Milo is that he requires constant contact.  He can’t just sit next to you, he has to sit on your lap.  He can’t just sleep next to you, he has to sleep on you – your head, chest, arm(s), stomach, legs, wherever….he is not picky.

If, for whatever reason, he cannot be on you in some way, well by God, there WILL be some kind of contact – Milo will make certain.  Usually it involves a strategic stretch and reach scenario.

Case in point here, with feet – his and mine….

Milo feet 1

Milo feet 2


What’s on tap for your weekend?  Whatever it is, hope you stay warm and toasty!  Mukluks?



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