Minnetonka Orchards 2012

Hi there….how are you on this chilly Saturday?

We made our annual pilgrimage to the apple orchard today, and it was a far cry from the weather we had last year.  I.E. 40-some degrees in 2012, compared to 80+ in 2011.  Soooo, you’ll notice….we’re a bit more bundled up!  Winter jackets, stocking caps, mittens??  Gaaaahhh.

As always, though, we had a wonderful time.

Minnetonka Orchards sign 1

Minnetonka Orchards sign 2

Lunchtime!  Hot dogs, brats, and a veggie burger for all.

eating lunch

veggie burger

I regret that we fell short on a big discovery last year – the grilled onion/apple combination.  Major, enormous fail for us.  It is so-freaking-good….how have we been missing this??

Okay – so everyone, anytime you grill – you must grill onions and apples together.  Okay?  Okay.


Here’s how we spent the rest of the afternoon….

Petting zoo – a calf this year!

calf 1

calf 2

meet the animals

Meet the animals.

goat 1

sheep 1

calf 3

sheep 2

goat 2



hayride 1

hayride 2

hayride 4

Apple Barn

We’ve arrived at the Apple Barn.

Apple Barn


Pumpkins galore!

Apple Donut House

We got into some trouble at the Donut House….

witch's slippers 1

In all our years of coming here, how did I miss this??

witch's shoes 2



apple donuts

Henry, donuts

Henry losing his mind.

me, donuts

Me losing mine.

me, donut 2

Okay, sure….more.

A walk in the woods….


Ned's grave

Ned is dead. Sad.

on the trail

the four of us

Headless Horseman

Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf

The big bird in the forest

The big bird in the forest.

Sam, bird

Henry, bird

And finally – to the apples!

apple orchard

Henry, apple

Then the corn maze:

corn maze 1

corn maze 2

Now the haystack for a little manhandling….

haystack 1

haystack 2

haystack 3

haystack 4

haystack 5

haystack wrestling

haystack 7

And, to round out the day – a face paint:

face paint

Here’s how we’re spending the evening….ahhhh, fires are back!




2 Comments on “Minnetonka Orchards 2012”

  1. yennilb says:

    Looks like the most perfect fall outing! I love the baby cow! And all the fall colors. 🙂

  2. […] the kiddos, and I made our annual trek to Minnetonka Orchards on Saturday.  A little later than we normally go, I sure would have liked some mittens (what was I […]

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