Paella with Tomatoes

We grilled last night….likely the – or one of the – final grilling sessions we’ll have for the season.  I made a side dish that I’ve been meaning to try for weeks – the recipe has been sitting sadly on the counter, just waiting waiting waiting – Paella with tomatoes.

I have seen Paella recipes on cooking shows….the big, round, shallow pans were filled with rice, spices, and an array of seafood goodness.  Alas, since I wouldn’t partake in a seafood/meat version, I felt a little left out!  I was excited to find one that was vegetarian-friendly and so easy to put together for a weeknight meal.

Here’s whatcha need:

paella ingredients

Fresh parsley, pepper, salt, paprika, saffron, tomato paste, brown rice, vegetable stock, onion, tomatoes, garlic, olive oil.

Start by chopping up the tomatoes (I used seven smallish Romas)….

chopped tomatoes

Put them into a bowl with some EV olive oil, salt, and pepper.  Toss and set aside.

tomatoes in bowl

Now, time for the Paella prep.  Start by sauteing garlic and onion in olive oil (of course I used more garlic than what was called for – I used six cloves instead of three).  I’m such a little recipe rebel.  Sprinkle in salt and pepper now too.

onions and garlic

After the veggies cook for about five minutes, it’s time for the tomato paste, saffron, and paprika.  (I must confess I did not measure any of these, but I think it still turned out alright!)  Measure shmeasure.

spices added to pan

spices mixed

Let the spices blend together for a few minutes, then add the rice to toast a bit.


Now that I’m looking again, it appears I used quite more than two cups of rice. Hmm. No wonder I needed that extra broth….

rice in pan

mixing rice 1

mixing rice 2

Now, pour the broth in….

broth 1

broth 2

It’s looking a little soupy, but fear not – all that liquid will be absorbed by the rice in due time.

paella soup

Set the tomatoes on top of the dish and pop into the oven for 15 minutes.

tomatoes added

paella in oven

Meanwhile….look what we remembered to do!

apples and onions

DT sliced up apples to include with our must-have grilled onions.  So pretty!  Rice wine and butter rounded out this pan.

I checked the Paella after 15 minutes, but it seemed to need a little more time (and broth – that pesky extra rice I’d added).  I gave it another five minutes, then turned the oven off and let the pan stay warm inside while we grilled.

I don’t think we’ll ever make onions without apples again….

grilled onions and apples

And this….!!!

steaming hot paella

Steaming hot!

baked paella

I was lucky enough to have scored some beautiful fresh parsley from Nancy’s garden over the weekend.  I roughly chopped and gave a liberal amount to the Paella for garnish and extra flavor.


paella with parsley

I was also quite liberal with the amount of onions and apples I scooped on top of my veggie burger:

veggie burger prep


dinner plate

DT and I really enjoyed the Paella….it was earthy and smoky from the spices and the addition of the tomatoes was bonus flavor and texture.  I loved the parsley garnish – it was just the right amount of “fresh” to finish off the baked dish.

This could easily be a meal on its own if you chose to add meat and/or seafood….there are so many variations based on this recipe if you wanted to get creative.

P.S.:  it’s even BETTER as leftovers heated up the next day!

Oh – one more thing.  This is my 200th post on LiS!  Weeeeeeeeee!!

Thanks for reading!  🙂


2 Comments on “Paella with Tomatoes”

  1. I’ve been meaning to get back over here and congratulate you on your 200th post! Keep up the great work! I enjoy following along! 🙂

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