Craftacular Saturday

DT is in Iowa City with the boys this weekend….the gals sat out the shenanigans this year.

So while the guys tailgate and relive their college days, Nancy and I had a fun Friday night out and revived Craftacular Saturdays today.  It’s been a while since we’ve been crafty together and there were cards to be made!

craft room 1

craft table 1



Spirit spent some time under the table….

Spirit 1

Spirit 2

….and wrapping her paw around my leg.  She loves crafting too.

Spirit 3

Spirit 4

Of course, some vino always spawns more creativity….  😉

crafting wine

October afternoon paper

Look at the paper – so perfect for the day!


Oh, Cherokee-with-your-tongue-hanging-out….

The afternoon flew and it was evening (and dark) before we knew it.

A fresh batch of birthday cards:

cards 1

cards 2

I can’t wait to give these out!


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