Apple Crisp

Okay….I swear I had a post on this when I made it last year during apple-picking season.  What the heck?  Where did it go?  Or am I going completely NUTS?  (DT would tell you I went nuts long ago, so that could be the answer.)

Well, anyway – I baked up an apple-y storm yesterday, starting with spicy apple scones, then moved on to an autumn tradition, apple crisp.

Here is the very worn and splattered recipe from my mamma:

apple crisp recipe

Aren’t the most popular recipes a crinkly, spilled-on mess??

apple crisp ingredients

Ingredients:  lemon juice, nutmeg, cinnamon, oats, white flour, brown sugar, butter, and apples.

Four cups of apples go into a cooking-sprayed dish.

four cups of apples

I drizzled about three tablespoons of lemon juice over the apples for some added tang.

apples in dish

Now, the “crisp” ingredients:  flour, oats, brown sugar, cinnamon, and nutmeg.  I like a little extra brown sugary-spice crumble, so I make 1-1/2 or double what the recipe calls for.

dry ingredients

A stick of softened butter is added:

butter in crumble

The crumble mixture was poured on top of the apples and patted down.

apple crisp ready for the oven

The oven got a workout yesterday – round two!

apple crisp in the oven

About 40-45 minutes later at 375 degrees, this!

baked apple crisp

We’ve got apples coming out of our ears!

Delightful Apple Scones, meet Delightful Apple Crisp.  Yum, meet Yum.

apple crisp and apple scones

The last full week of October, my goodness….time is flying.  Enjoy the evening!

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