Just an Ordinary Fall Day

Yesterday was so productive!  We had some extra help with the kiddos here this weekend, so we finally got down to the business of raking and closing up for winter.

Starting with the backyard….

Henry raking 1

Sam raking 1

Henry raking 2

You’ll notice a few sports teams were represented by Sam and Henry.

DT lit a fire….

DT lighting fire

Look!  Remember our little grass-growing project?  It [mostly] worked!

growing grass

guys and fire

kids and fire

The kids worked out a great system for cleaning out the window wells.  Teamwork, ya!

cleaning window wells

Sam in leaf bag

Sam in a leaf bag.

Our hard backyard-raking work was rewarded with S’mores before noon.  Why not?

S'mores 1

S'mores 2

S'mores 3

Henry, S'mores

Henry approves.

Sam prepping a S'more

Sam prepping a[nother] S’more. I think they each had about 16 of them. S’mores are an acceptable lunch, no?

We took a little break between yards to watch some football and chill out a bit.

It turns out that the front yard was the place for a serious leaf pile.

Sam and Henry, front yard

wrestling in the leaf pile

wrestling in the leaf pile 2

I love this one – Henry just landed and Sam has major air time:

jumping into the leaves

The side of the house is lined with leaf bags – I think Henry counted 20?  That’s a lotta leaves!

leaf bags filled

Empty patio….it’s kind of desolate and sad!

empty patio

Leafless yards….(until we woke up this morning)….

leafless backyard

(Two fire pits are randomly placed in the backyard here. I know, strange.)

leafless front yard

pretty orange leaves

There is definitely that feeling of impending hibernation in the neighborhood.  I’m not ready for winter!

The rest of the day was spent relaxing and we rounded out the evening with a roaring fire and a Halloween tradition, It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.  Needless to say – the four of us slept well last night!

What have you been up to this weekend?


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