Feline Fridays

Milo is a Halloween baby, so we had a little celebration for him Wednesday night – a la 9 Lives Tender Slices with REAL Beef in Gravy.  Mmmm.

The cats were nowhere to be found until I opened the can of food and like rockets, they shot into the kitchen.  Oh that awful smell!

There’s a beady eye:

Milo b'day 1

Two beady eyes:

Milo b'day 2

They were a blur, buzzing all around me like furry vultures!

Milo b'day 3

Milo b'day 4

Milo b'day 5

Birthday “cake” is served:

Milo b'day 6

Smack smack smack smack smack smack smack.

Milo b'day 7

Milo moves in on RJ’s dish….rude!

Milo b'day 8

The Birthday Boy and me

Me with the Birthday Boy.

And….about a half hour later:

food coma, wet nose

Food coma and a wet nose.  PaaarrrrTAY!  🙂

Happy 14th Birthday, Sir Milo!  We love you so much!


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