Spicyland takes Providence, RI

Well, hello there….how was your last week?

DT and I returned from our trek out east last night.  We had an amazing time, but you know, there’s no place like home.  The kitties have been glued to us and look like they’ve each gained a few pounds from enjoying full feed while we were away.

So….let me tell you about Providence!

We flew through Chicago last Saturday with an already-short layover – our departure from Minneapolis was about an hour late (for reasons we still are not clear, we were just sitting on the plane at the gate).  We landed at O’Hare and had to run, and I mean RUN, from literally one end of concourse F to the other end of concourse C.  Or maybe it was from the end of concourse C to the end of concourse F.  No matter.  Yep – we were those people running like mad through the terminal.  We made it to the gate with three, three minutes to spare, according to the agent – sweaty, heaving messes as we boarded the plane.  Lovely indeed.

(If we’d missed that flight, the next one would have flown us to D.C. with a four-hour layover before catching a ride to Portland.  Gaahhh air travel, we were so lucky to have made it!)

We felt entitled to treat ourselves on the second leg of the journey….Mmmm, overpriced airplane wine.

wine on the plane

We arrived in Portland, ME that afternoon, picked up our rental car, and headed south toward Providence.  The drive was about three hours with tolls and some traffic around Boston exits.  And, as you can see, it was a beautiful day.

en route to Providence

We pulled into a very crowded and chaotic Westin that evening – we didn’t realize the hotel was connected to the convention center and there were at least three events taking place.

Westin Providence by night 2

Once we figured out the parking situation, checked in, unloaded the car, and made it up to our room – sigh!  But we made it!

north or south?

View of the freeway entrance from our room – south or north?

Ready to check out Providence

Providence, we’re here!

It’s always so disorienting to arrive in a new city at night.  So, we just started wandering around.  Eventually we stumbled upon Blake’s for drinks and dinner/apps, and Sullivan’s for a nightcap.  It had been such a long day of traveling by both air and car, we didn’t make it a terribly late night.

Westminster Street by night

Idyllic Westminster Street by night.

But come Sunday morning….we were rested and fresh and ready to see more of the city.  And it was another gorgeous day!

view of the Capitol from our room

Rhode Island State House – view from our hotel room.

Westin Providence by day

Providence Journal

Providence Journal across the street.

We walked down toward the Rhode Island State House – not far at all from the hotel.

State House 1

State House 2

State House 3, me in front

DT and me, State House

view from State House steps

View from the top of the State House steps.

crossing the river

What a mouthful!

Without a doubt, our favorite part of Providence was its Little Italy, Federal Hill.

Welcome to Federal Hill

gate to Federal Hill

We walked up and down Atwells Avenue multiple times.  The street is filled with Italian restaurants, coffee shops, bakeries, and markets….so much to see.  It has such great energy and spirit!

Federal Hill 2

Federal Hill 3

Federal Hill 4

Nancy's Fancies

For Nancy!

Italian fire hydrant

A very Italian fire hydrant.

Federal Hill 5

Look at the center line – red, white, and green!

After scouring many menus, we made a reservation to return for dinner at Andino’s.  We picked the right place!

Federal Hill by night 1

Federal Hill was just as fun and lively by night as it was in the daylight.

Federal Hill by night 2

view of Andino's bar

We had a lovely front window table – the bar was just beyond.

bottle of red at Andino's


The menu at Andino’s was sprawling with authentic Italian dishes.  How to pick just one?

Andino's menu

For DT, when on the east coast, lobster in some shape or form is a must.  So, lobster ravioli with jumbo shrimp and pink Alfredo sauce was the obvious choice:

lobster ravioli

I chose the gnocchi, also with pink Alfredo sauce – the bowl was enormous!


We both agreed Andino’s was one of the finest Italian meals we’ve ever eaten.  If you find yourself in Providence, make it a point to dine there!

DT at Andino's

Our day in Providence came and went so quickly, but I’m so happy we made the drive to visit – it’s a fabulous city.

Up next:  Spicyland takes Bar Harbor, ME!


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