Spicyland takes Bar Harbor, ME

Monday, November 5: we left Providence around 11:00. It was another three hours-ish back to Portland (plus a stop for lunch), then continuing north to Bar Harbor.

Again with the arriving to a destination at night….seriously, it felt like we were driving to the end of the earth! I literally said to DT several times, “I’m scared!” because the two-lane roads were so freaking dark and empty. But once we turned onto Main Street in Bar Harbor, there was light and [some] signs of life.

Bar Harbor Inn, entrance 1

BHI scarecrow 1

BHI scarecrow 2

We stayed at the Bar Harbor Inn, and I’m telling you – if you visit this wonderful place, this is where you must stay. We just loved it – especially for this time of year. It was decorated for fall, the lobby had a toasty fire burning, there were hot beverages lined up with cookies and even caramel apples. It was such a cozy, inviting place!

Bar Harbor Inn lobby 1

Bar Harbor lobby 2

After I finished being five years old and “scared” from the drive, I basked in the glow of the Inn. I soaked up the lobby, our comfy and quaint room (which was upgraded to a harbor view – we couldn’t see much at night, but by day….you’ll see), and the rest of the main building. Then we set off to explore Bar Harbor, which, come to find out, is a bit sleepy this time of year. Many restaurants and shops were shuttered for the winter, or open limited days/hours. The sidewalks weren’t ever bustling, and traffic down Main Street wasn’t what I would even call steady.

It sounds lonely, secluded, and abandoned – which I suppose it kind of was….but we loved it. It was so relaxing and peaceful.

The Thirsty Whale quickly became our watering hole of choice….we stumbled upon it on our initial stroll through town. And it was CHILL-Y outside!

Thirsty Whale 2

Thirsty Whale 1

DT and me, Thirsty Whale

Thirsty Whale 3

Thirsty Whale 4

The next day….

view from our room, BHI

View from our room Tuesday morning – my camera was set on fish-eye lens for some reason, but the effect is kind of cool for this shot.

Morning walk along the water….so unbelievable!

morning in Bar Harbor

Main Street….

Main Street 1

Main Street 2

Lunchtime….Geddy’s was awesome!

Geddy's 1

Geddy's 2

DT’s first lobster roll of the trip:

Geddy's lobster roll

We colored.

DT coloring

me, coloring

A return to Thirsty Whale for Kings Corner:

Kings Corner, Thirsty Whale

A little tour of the Bar Harbor Inn grounds in the daylight….

Bar Harbor Inn sign

BHI drive



A walk at sunset – it was such a beautiful (albeit brisk) night!

sunset walk 1

walk at sunset 2

walk at sunset 3

DT, balance rock

DT, Balance Rock

DT and me, Bar Harbor sunset

Some older photos around the hotel….

BHI rates, 1979

Look at these prices!

BHI rates, 1979

BHI old menu

Yahtzee by the lobby fire.

Yahtzee in the lobby

We bundled up and headed out for dinner.

Getty's by night

BH Main Street by night

….and landed at Guiness & Porcelli’s.

Porcini's outside

DT, wine at Porcelli's

cheers at Porcelli's

DT’s [extra garlicky] pasta with butter sauce and lobster:

garlic lobster pasta

My Margarita pizza:

margarita pizza

Wednesday was quite a bit more blustery. We finally emerged from an afternoon of Yahtzee by the fire for our evening walk.

BH, blustery Wednesday

DT is touching the water

DT testing the water….Brrrrr!

BH, blustery Wednesday

DT and me, BH Wednesday night

We ate our last dinner in Bar Harbor at Blaze (not much of a website at the moment). It was a cozy, yet contemporary space with a fairly diverse menu.

Blaze 1

Blaze menu

Blaze wine

Blaze bar

DT ordered shrimp tacos:

Blaze shrimp tacos 1

Blaze shrimp tacos 2

I ordered the grilled veggie sandwich with whipped potatoes for a side:

my veggie sandwich with whipped mashed potatoes


And when we left Blaze….snow was falling!

BH Main Street with snow, 1


BH Main Street with snow 2

We ducked into the Thirsty Whale for our final rounds of Kings Corner in this town (for now):

Thirsty Whale, last night of Kings Corner

Oh, Bar Harbor!

BH snowy street

DT and I had SUCH an amazing time in this little part of the world. We proclaimed several times each day that this is where we’ll retire. Although we were partially/mostly kidding – I also couldn’t see that being too far off. It’s a magical destination, and I think a lot of what wooed us was the time of year and the sense of solitude.

So go visit sometime! 🙂

beautiful, snowy Bar Harbor Inn

Beautiful, snowy Bar Harbor Inn – perfect, as I will always remember it.

Next: Spicyland Takes Portland, ME!


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