Spicyland takes Portland, ME

I think our biggest lament on this trip was that we didn’t have more time in Portland.  We packed a lot into one week – three cities, plus all the driving (over 600 miles!) – but by the time we arrived in our third and final city on Thursday, it felt like the clock was really ticking.

Remember the snow in Bar Harbor Wednesday night?  A lot of our drive back down to Portland was very white – like this:

Christmas Shoppe

A Christmas Shoppe on the way.  I must say, I love this photo.

It was also pouring rain.

Simply lovely conditions.

Here is the super cool – and kind of super-scary – bridge we crossed in Bucksport:

Bucksport bridge 1

Bucksport bridge 2

The older, retired bridge to the right….scary-rickety!

As an aside, DT and I aren’t particularly fond of, or comfortable with, bridges.  We talked at length about them on this trip, specifically on the drive up to Bar Harbor in the pitch black.  I think we’ve seen too many movies and/or have excessive imaginations on the topic.

Anyway – we arrived in Portland mid-afternoon….it was gloomy, rainy, and cold.

Portland street 1

Portland street 2

Basically not ideal exploring-a-new-city weather.

So we hit Gritty’s for a brew.

Gritty's sign

Gritty's mugs 1

Numbered mugs for the regulars.

Gritty's mugs 2

Gritty’s came as a recommendation from a coworker who’d recently traveled to Portland.  It was a great neighborhood bar and you could tell it was fondly visited by the locals.  Good beer, too!

We ducked into a few bars and rounded out the evening with nightcaps at Dry Dock.

me, Dry Dock

Friday….now this is more like it!

sunny Portland street

The weather was perfect for strolling around on our last day….which also just happened to be….

***DT’s BIRTHDAY!***

He’s 29.

Like me.  😉

DT and me, Portland

So while we were noticeably melancholy with our trip quickly coming to a close, we knew we had to make the most of our time here.  Not only for Portland’s sake, but for the Birthday Boy’s.

Portland Pier

view from Portland Pier

I won’t even tell you about the ridiculous lunch we had….it was, hands down, one of the worst dining experiences DT and I have ever had.  Something is terribly wrong when you have to ask the waiter twice for, 1.  soda refills (and you have to bring the glasses up to the bar yourself), 2.  a side of salsa (also had to go up to the bar), and 3.  the check (also had to go up to the bar).  GAH!

Oh well, no matter.  Won’t let that spoil our day!

We wandered around the charming cobblestone-y streets of Old Port and walked along the waterfront.  Portland is such a beautiful city!

Portland street 3

Portland street 4

Eventually we plopped ourselves at The Thirsty Pig – another suggestion from my coworker.

The Thirsty Pig

I caught a pic of the bar as the crowd turned over.

We grew roots when we discovered Trivial Pursuit!  One thing to note about DT:  he is a vat of useless information.  Except….not useless for trivia!  😉

Trivial Pursuit and wine

So basically, I just sat there and read off questions and DT gave his answers.  Rockin‘ birthday!

DT, Trivial Pursuit

Portland street at night

Pretty street at night.

Our last stop was to Old Port Tavern.

DT, Old Port Tavern

Happy Birthday, DT!

I bought DT an extra-special birthday dinner of pizza slices later when we got hungry while packing our suitcases.  😉

And with that, our trip out east came to a close.  Boohoo!  As always, we had a marvelous time and it went way, way too quickly.  Why do vacations work like that?!

We’d love to revisit Maine again someday and fill in the holes we missed on our first pass.  Rest assured, we’re already noodling on the next non-cruise vacation next year!


2 Comments on “Spicyland takes Portland, ME”

  1. Sounds like you two had an amazing trip. I’ve never been to Portland, Maine, but it looks like a fun place to visit. Especially in the fall.

  2. I LOVE that Christmas Shoppe photo and want to go to there.

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