Chili Time!


How was the weekend?  Ours was good.  We didn’t accomplish much in the relaxing department, but we were extra productive around the house, sooooo….YAY.

I know I’ve written about our chili meals before (here and here), so I won’t repeat myself and the photos.  It’s just that time of year again and I always get excited for chili.  Although – it was 50+ degrees yesterday, the doors and windows were wide open, the kids were running around outside without coats – it was glorious.

It did feel a little strange to prepare (and eat) such a cozy, hearty stew on November 18 when it felt more like May.

chili ingredients

Oh well!


DT made enough for an army so we would have meals each night until Thanksgiving (and probably then some).  Brilliant!  No dinner prep this week!

cooking veggies

A Crockpot of veggie chili – DT’s chicken chili was in a stockpot on the stove.

Crockpot of chili

Seven hours later….

Chili - seven hours later

Ooooooo.  The house smelled aMAYzing!

bowls of chili 1

bowls of chili 2

Left: DT’s chicken chili, topped with raw onions, sour cream, and a shredded cheddar mix. Right: my veggie chili with sour cream and cheddar mix on top.

It was positively delicious last night, and the wonderful thing about chili is that it only gets better overnight.  So tonight’s bowl will be outta this world!  🙂

Happy Monday….Thanksgiving in three days!


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