My First Thanksgiving Feast

Good day!  How was your Thanksgiving weekend?

We’ve had a mixture of laze (today spent in PJs) to productivity (trimming the house for Christmas) – more on that later.

As I previously mentioned, DT and hosted Thanksgiving this year for our families….my first time putting out the big spread!  I can’t lie – it was a lot of work getting the house ready and the food prepped, but was such a lovely day spent with loved ones sharing a wonderful meal and even better company.

We started the mashed potatoes and winter squash gratin Wednesday night.  I had squash the size of my head to use!  (I ended up using the acorn instead of this monster.)

me and an enormous squash

Thanksgiving prep 1

I sauteed two onions in EV olive oil….

onions and garlic

….then added the sage, thyme, salt, and pepper to season.

onions, garlic, sage, thyme

In the meantime, it took DT and I about an hour to peel this sucker….seriously, what is the best way to peel enormous squash with extra thick and tough skin??

acorn squash

A layer of the cubed squash was added to an already-greased baking dish.

squash 1

Then the onion mixture….

squash and onions

Breadcrumbs and the remaining squash were added.  I baked this much for 45 minutes at 350 degrees and finished the rest up the next morning.

squash and onions 2

Part two – Thursday:  the second layer of bread crumbs was added, along with the mozzarella and Parmesan cheese.

squash, breadcrumbs

The dish baked for another 20 minutes, until the cheese was melted and the breadcrumbs were golden brown.  Yum-O!  I loved the flavor combination of thyme and sage with the squash – really, it’s so perfect!

Meanwhile, DT was hard at work on his mashed potatoes, enough to feed a small city.  Seriously – we’re up to our ears in mashed potatoes, even three days later!  But they are so unbelievably, indulgently, gluttonously good.

Yukon Gold potatoes

Yep, that’s right….gobs of butter, sour cream (full fat), and cream cheese (full fat).  Don’t forget the garlic cloves!

mashed potato gluttony

mashing potatoes 1

mashing potatoes 2

The potatoes were so creamy and smooth, what a treat.

whipping potatoes

Thursday, 7:30 am:  meet our sad 20-pound turkey.  Okay, maybe I was just sad for him.  Into the roaster he goes.

turkey 1

We expanded our dining room table to seat six and set up the card table for three more.

Thanksgiving tables

Thanksgiving hearth 1

Thanksgiving hearth 2

Thanksgiving hearth 3


Thanksgiving door

partially set Thanksgiving table

By about 2:00, here was Mr. Turkey Bird, all steamy and golden:

cooked turkey

DT does the honors….

DT carving

dark meat, light meat


Gaahh!  This is pretty gross, says I!

There were about a gazillion things happening – between finishing up the other sides, warming everything, and setting it out….hosting came before taking photos.  But we truly had a feast.

The complete menu:  turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, dressing, squash gratin, rolls, corn (from David’s sister), corn salad (from David’s sister), deviled eggs (from David’s sister), and green bean casserole (from my brother).  OMG!!

Thanksgiving table

Then came dessert (from my mom):  pumpkin pie, cherry pie, and Rice Krispy bars….oooo-lala!


rice krispy treats

Ridiculous.  So incredibly ridiculous.  And delicious.  And not at all nutritious.  Hey, it’s Thanksgiving!

We rounded out the evening with football games on the telly and a big ol’ fire.  Such a fabulous day – I hope yours was too!

(Diet commences tomorrow.  😉 )


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