Christmas is Coming!

I put away my beloved fall decor with some mixed emotions, but I was also excited beyond belief to put up our Christmas trees and dress the house for the next holiday.

I can’t waste any time getting Christmas decorations out once Thanksgiving has come and gone.  The season is already so fleeting, I have to make the most of it.  So….if we accomplished exactly nothing else this weekend, my one and only goal was to deck the halls.  And we did!

holiday decor 1

holiday decor 2

holiday decor 3

snowman advent calendar

stockings, fireplace

Christmas stockings

fireplace decor

A couple of my favorite ornaments:

first Christmas ornament

family snowman ornament

DT makes the upstairs tree official with the star on top:

DT tops with the star 1

DT tops with the star 2

In the light….

upstairs tree in the light

Now, with lights off for a full glow:

upstairs tree, glowing

Then we moved downstairs.


downstairs tree

(Need to get a tree skirt for this guy.)

My husband never takes photos of me, so I took it upon myself to capture the moment.  😉

me, tree 1

Whoop!  It’s Christmastime!

me, tree 2

We can’t forget….Grandpa’s funky little tree from my apartment days goes next to the fireplace:

Grandpa's tree

When we were finished inside, we ran out to the front yard to see our pretty tree through the picture window.

Christmas tree from outside


Transforming our house for the holidays just makes me so happy!  It really is the most wonderful time of the year.  🙂


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