Craftacular Saturday, Holiday Style

Well, hello!

The weekend has been a busy one here….but as predicted (and hoped!), I am parked in front of a fire in my PJs as we type on this Sunday evening.  🙂

Yesterday started out with what has become another holiday tradition for me and a few of my favorite gals – a visit to December’s No Coast Craft-o-rama fair at the Midtown Global Market.  (Remember when we did this last year?)

No Coast 1

No Coast 2

Pretty towels

No Coast 3

No Coast 4

After strolling, shopping, gabbing, and snacking on sweet treats from the market, we headed over to my BFF Nancy’s house for an afternoon of holiday crafting.

The stage(s) are set!

craft table 1

craft table 2

Laura made these adorable stamped snowflake envelopes:

Laura's envelopes

craft table 3

Christmas crafting tunes

Christmas crafting tunes 🙂

Nancy made fabulous stenciled/painted muslin bags:

Nancy's bag

I made some fun gift tags from Nancy’s ridiculously expansive die-cut collection:

Gift tag assembly


I love matching, layering, and coordinating paper patterns.  Add to it some festive snowflake and snowmen stamps and we have:

gift tags


I can’t wait to tie these on gifts!

When we woke up this morning….

Sunday morning snow

…. !!!!

Our street is a sea of snowy white!

Humboldt Avenue

Sooooo….today was filled with more shoveling than shopping….not super fun.  Especially when we lost the key to our garage (really??), had to make an emergency pit stop at Home Depot for bolt cutters, and the snowblower did not readily start.  The joys of home ownership with a foot of snow, blerg.  Maybe more shopping next weekend when it’s not a blizzard outside!

But, gosh – it’s beautiful!

our snowy house

We’re happy to be warm and cozy and hunkered down for the night!

Now….what’s for dinner?  Hmmm.

Enjoy the rest of your evening!


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