2013 Resolutions….Meh.

I don’t think I’m feeling up to making resolutions for 2013.  Is that being a New Year grinch?

I don’t know.

I looked back on my 2012 resolutions, and I basically grotesquely failed.  They weren’t particularly difficult things to do….diversify music, try new recipes, master a tripod headstand, expand my sewing skills….

While I did hear some new tunes, I wasn’t diligent about steering away from what’s been looping away on my iPod for ages.  (That’s partly plain laziness.)

I tried some new recipes (of the beverage persuasion as well), but didn’t make it a weekly habit like I aspired.

Tripod headstand?  I started panicking when October came around the corner and realized I’d only practiced about two times.

I sewed this really awesome curtain panel.  That was the extent of my sewing this year, short of a few hemming projects that came my way.

So then I just started to feel like a real slacker with my goals.  Goals that were totally and completely attainable – but where did the 366 days go??  It was even a leap year, I had a whole extra day!


I’m just feeling rather noncommittal.

Here is what I know is on deck for 2013, God willing:

  1. A fabulous Caribbean cruise later this month.  (WEEEEeeeee!)
  2. Running the Minneapolis Half again in June.
  3. Two words:  Hot.  Sauce.  (More to come, I hope I hope!)
  4. One word:  Chickens.  (More to come, I hope I hope!)

That’s all I got so far, and I’m pretty okay with it.

I know I’ll always have my old standbys that I try to simply make habits – eating well, working out, saving money, job growth.  I’m through counting them as resolutions, they are truly part of my lifestyle.  I think this year I’ll aim a little lower (or less specific), and….surprise myself!  See where the wind takes me.

So, whatever your New Year resolution constitution happens to be, good luck!  I’ll still be noodling on that headstand.  😉


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