Rotini with Pumpkin Ricotta Sauce

Last night we tried a recipe that I found months ago and I’m blanking on where it came from.  It must have been on my Facebook or Twitter feed – anyway, you can find it here.

ingreds 2

Ingredients: pepper, salt, EV olive oil, nutmeg, sage, pumpkin, whole wheat rotini, Parmesan, ricotta, milk (not shown).

It was super-duper easy to throw together….I love meals that don’t require massive amounts of chopping or 12 bowls/pots/pans to prepare the ingredients.  And for that matter, meals that don’t require 35 ingredients.  I had this ready in less than a half hour.  Perfect!

Start by adding the pumpkin, ricotta, milk, and sage into a bowl and mixing them up (I know, the milk looks extra appetizing in its orange state).  Also – I doubled the sauce recipe since I cooked the whole box of pasta.

mixing bowl

mixing bowl 2

Heat the olive oil in a pan and add the pumpkin-ricotta mixture to warm through.

sauce in pan 1

Meanwhile, the rotini is boiling away….

boiling pasta

Throw in the nutmeg, salt, and pepper to taste.  I digressed from the recipe slightly by adding some Parmesan into the sauce to melt, then additionally to top in my pasta bowl.  Just an extra layer of creaminess.  I did pour in a shot of milk to thin it slightly.

sauce in pan 2


bowl of pasta

It’s not a particularly colorful dish – although DT sprinkled red pepper flakes on top of his and that added some flair.  In fact, if I were to make this again, I’d consider including some kind of heat for extra flavor.  The sage and pumpkin are a rustic pairing and worked nicely with the creaminess of the ricotta….I just thought it could have used a bit of something more.  Although if I had fresh sage, that probably would have made a big difference too.  Hmm.

And while it was warm and cozy comfort food on a cold January night, these ingredients are most definitely fall to me.  Should’ve made this earlier!

Well, how was your Monday?  What’s for dinner tonight?


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