2012 Home Project: El Patio

This post is beyond overdue….I’ve had these photos sitting in a folder since June/July/August, and here we are.  January.  Actually, though – it’s somewhat appropriate for now.  The weather is cold (turning blustery foul this weekend/early next week), and I’m dreaming of summertime on the patio.  Already.  So a little flashback is nice.

We hemmed and hawed about the patio project….what sealed the deal, or at least nudged us in the right direction, was a water problem in the basement last spring.  The expense was a bit daunting, but weighing that with the cost (and mental anguish) of waiting for another surprise of wet carpet, and we knew a patio was the way to go.

It would accomplish [at least] three things:

  1. Slope the ground, and by extension any water accumulation, away from the house.  Muy importante.
  2. Improve the aesthetics of our then-hacked up, ghetto-looking backyard.
  3. Give us a place to lounge, grill, eat, and decorate all summer long.

As it tuns out – we definitely got a lot out of #3, but patios take a long.  time.  We started the process of estimates in May, the foundation was laid mid-June, the actual patio concrete laid late June, then it took another two months for them to come back out and seal the stinking thing.  (We could still use the patio before it was sealed, but it wasn’t quite as pretty and sparkly.  I just wanted to capture the full lifespan of this project.)

So, here’s what we started out with (see #2 above):

backyard 1

backyard 2

backyard 3

Round one was the foundation:

Bobcat 1

foundation 1

Bobcat 2

foundation 2

foundation 3

foundation 4

foundation 4

After that settled for about two weeks, we got the real deal:

patio 1

patio 2

patio 3

Then the grass-growing challenge began (you may recall we had to do this twice):

laying dirt

laying dirt 2

watered dirt

grass seed 1

grass seed 2

grass seed 3

A glance outside right now looks dreary, bleak, cold, gross.  Winter.

We’re so excited to jump right into spring with this space all ready to go.  And this year, it will be accessorized (i.e. decorated) like crazy.  😉

One shiny addition to the patio for 2013:  a new grill!  Here’s what happens when you go to Home Depot for a roll of insulation:

new grill

They throw in a grill and a set of Tupperware!  Kidding.  We did that.

And so ends the tale of the great patio installation of 2012.  Just need that grass to grow-grow-grow!


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