Screens from Saturday: Ice Skating!

Henry and I hung out on Saturday while DT and Sam did “big brother” things.  We teamed up with my lovely friend from college (and former roommate) Gretta and her son Walter for the afternoon and we had a maaaahhhhvelous time.

We started with lunch at Punch (Yum!  And rhyming!), then headed over to the good old Eden Prairie Community Center for their Saturday open skate.

ice skates

It had been well over seven years, seven years since I last donned ice skates.  I was holding on to Gretta for dear life at first, and wasn’t so much skating as merely trying to stay upright.  Not quite like riding a bike!  😉  It began to feel more natural and less wobbly after a while.  Kind of.

Henry and Walter

Henry and Walter, ready to skate!

The kids, however, went nuts immediately.  Henry hasn’t skated much, but that didn’t stop him from tooling around, wiping out, getting back up, and doing it all over again.  Fearless!

Henry and Walter skating 1

Walter, Gretta, Henry

Henry and Walter skating 2

Then Henry and Walter got a hold of these walker thingies made of PVC pipe, and they became little blue and green blurs around the rink.

Henry and Walter skating 3

A whole other level of tooling around was reached….

Henry skating

Henry and Walter skating 4

They need to make adult versions of these support systems!

Henry and Walter skating 5

Walter, Gretta, Henry

Gretta doing a little mediation after a head-on collision.

waiting for Zamboni 1

Waiting for the Zamboni!

Zamboni 2

We had so much fun!  And no broken bones, total bonus!  Ice skating has definitely been added to the list of activities for winter sanity survival.  🙂

How was your weekend, whatcha been up to?


One Comment on “Screens from Saturday: Ice Skating!”

  1. Susan Taylor says:

    Looks like fun!!

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