Spicyland takes Bannister Island

Our second stop found us off the coast of Belize City.  This was one of the ports last time we went this route that gravely required a RE-DO.

I think we did better this time.

Belize sunrise

Belize sunrise

Belize tender

We took a tender from the ship to Bannister Island, about a 20 minute ride.

Bannister Island 1

Bannister Island 2

It was a beautiful, remote, little place.  And windy – very, very windy.

Welcome to Bannister Island

view for the day

My view of the sea for the day….

view above for the day

Then I looked up.

There was a bar area and you could purchase lunch as part of the excursion – we opted for just drinks.

BI food/beverage hut

BI funny tree

Funny fan tree!

BI beach 1

Bannister was such a secluded place, it felt like we were in the middle of nowhere.  It was grand.

BI beach 2

Hellllllooooo out there!

DT swimming

After his swim, DT joined in a spirited game of volleyball.  I chuckled. 🙂

This crazy palm tree manages to stay upright with its roots above ground:

BI palm tree

DT and me, BI

After an afternoon in the sun (we could have stayed forever), we hopped back on the tender and returned to the Liberty.

Liberty from Belize tender

towel toad

Tuesday’s towel toad

Next stop:  Roatan!


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