Feline Fridays

It’s Friday!

My goodness, what a week.  What a day.

How was your Valentine’s celebration, by the way?  Mine was splendid and lovely and spent with my mamma.  Oh, and I saw DT later too. 😉

Now, about these smelly cats….

I worked from home one Friday last fall.  As you can see, my job is obviously very interesting to two furballs whose names rhyme with Filo and Barjay.

Milo, laptop 1

Milo, laptop 2

And clearly, they made it really easy for me to get stuff done.

Milo, laptop 3

Hey, look!  A Feline Fridays post!

Milo, laptop 4

Milo, laptop 5

Milo, RJ couch 1

RJ too, what do you know?

Milo, RJ couch 2

Aerial couch view:

Milo, RJ couch overhead

For the love.

Milo, laptop 6


Milo, laptop 6


RJ couch 1

I mean….seriously.

No words.

RJ couch 2

That’s actually pretty much how I feel right now.

Ohhhhh weekend.  Happy, happy weekend.

Have a great one, ya’ll!


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