Craftacular Saturday


DT and I have had a lovely weekend, how was yours?

My bff Nancy and I had another crafty Saturday….this month we tackled cross stitching.  AKA three-ish hours spent where I basically accomplished nothing.

But you’ll see that in a sec. 🙂

bibs - packaging

My project was a baby bib because….Nancy is going to be a MAMMA in a few months!  (I politely asked her to forget/ignore what I’m working on, heehee.)

baby bibs

cross stitch thread

Nancy found these cute towels and fun iron-on patterns for her Saturday stitching.

towel iron-on


There is certainly a learning curve to this craft.  A couple of things I realized:

  • You have to pull apart the thread strands and use a certain amount for each section, as dictated by the pattern.
  • Outside of the color code, I have no idea what I’m doing.  My stitches are a mess and I need help.
  • This takes FOR.  EVER.

We started a little after 2:00, and by 6:00, here’s where we landed….

Nancy’s towel is precise and adorable.

cross stitch towel 2

My bib….has a flower, beak, and half a bird.

cross stitch baby bib

Nancy’s child might be five years old by the time I get this done.  Eeep.

Oh well, no matter!  We gabbed, listened to music, and stitched the afternoon away – that’s what craft days are all about, right?  Followed by a delicious dinner out with our hubsters, total bonus.

Delightful day with my lovely Nan!  We’re super-stitchers.  Word. 😉

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