A New Endeavor

DT and I have a little project a-cookin’.

boxes of bottles 1

boxes of bottles 2

We’re making….

boxes of bottles 3


boxes of bottles 4


El Chinelo door

We’re making HOT SAUCE!  Eeep!

This has been rolling around in our heads for a while now….DT made hot sauce long before we lived in the same state, long before we were on each other’s scenes.  He collects them, he reads about them, he geeks out over them.  He’s talked about reviving the hobby, and maybe making it something more than that.  So here we are….after years of blabbing about it, we’re going to DO it.  Or at least try.

As you can see above, an initial shipment of bottles has arrived.  We also ordered some smaller ones for samples that were delivered this week.

DT researched and sourced some great places around town to find the peppers we need.  We made a trip to El Chinelo Produce, a Hispanic grocery store in south Minneapolis.

El Chinelo produce

So much fun, and so much STUFF!


cheese counter

Cheese counter

After wandering the aisles, we finally figured out where all the fresh produce was – in a back room that resembled a combination of warehouse and cooler.


Peppers galore!  So many varieties and colors all right in front of us.

Have you ever seen a red jalapeno?  I had not, but here they are!

red jalapenos



Cactus leaves?  Don’t need those for hot sauce, but still really cool!

cactus leaves



peppers and onions


There was so much to choose from and the prices were really reasonable.  I’d love to get all of our winter produce here, while we’re lacking farmer’s markets.  Except that would mean an extra grocery store stop to a place that is mostly out of the way (but well worth the visit).  We’ll definitely be back, and hopefully become regulars, if this hot sauce thing takes off. 😉

boxes of limes

Gorgeous fresh cilantro….

fresh cilantro

Here’s what we brought home (plus a real-sugar bottle of Coke for my dad, not pictured):

hot sauce peppers

Two pounds red jalapenos, four pounds habaneros, and two pounds serranos.

Production of our first batch is happening SATURDAY!  We’re working on some other things to get the word out and I’ll have more details soon.  It will be fun to experiment, taste, and perfect our/DT’s recipes.

More to come….we’re really excited about this!


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