Lunch at Stella’s

DT and I had a Sunday Funday (and come to think of it, a Monday Funday, although yesterday we didn’t leave the house).  One of our stops Sunday was for lunch at Stella’s Fish Cafe in Uptown.

Stella’s is an institution in this neighborhood, particularly in the summertime with its always-popular and jam-packed rooftop.  But we’d never been!

Stella's outside 1

Stella's outside 2

Stella's mirror

Fresh catch chalkboard

Stella's dining room

Stella's kitchen 1

Stella's kitchen 2

Okay….it was a little like our dinner at Oceanaire last September, in that the menu options for me were rather limited.  But I never go hungry!  Plus, we had a Groupon gift to use and it was a great reason to finally check this place out.

Lobster Sundays

Rajin’ Cajun, baby.

Stella's Cajun seasoning

DT ordered the walleye sandwich with fries and slaw.  It was enormous!  He inhaled his plate.

DT's walleye sandwich

I ordered a couple of sides – broccoli with Creole hollandaise and a plate of buttery, garlicky mashed potatoes.  Who knew the broccoli would be the size of my head?!

broccoli with hollandaise

I wished for a VAT of the creamy hollandaise!  This is one of my favorite sauces ever, and the Creole twist was delightful.

Creole hollandaise

I don’t think I need to tell you that the potatoes were ridiculous.  See?  Look at them – how could you go wrong?  I love when the skin is left on and mashed right in.

And no – I didn’t eat all of this in one sitting (nor the broccoli)!  Yikes.  :-\

mashed potatoes 1

We walked around after our meal and ducked into a few stores to browse.  It maybe made up for some of the butter that was consumed, but if not, that’s okay too.  We made a fun little afternoon for ourselves and stopped off to a couple of other neighborhood spots on our way home.

A visit to Stella’s….[finally], check!


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