Screens from Saturday – Waterpark!

We had a fun little outing Saturday….we took Sam and Henry to The Depot hotel in downtown Minneapolis.  One of our Christmas gifts from DT’s mom was an overnight stay and four waterpark passes.

Kids and hotels, man.  Kids and hotels and pools and water parks.

As I’m sure my parents can attest, a weekend getaway to a hotel (even one right in town) is one of the best ideas ever.

It’s like crack for kids and an investment in adult sanity.  Chaotic and crazy and overstimulated, yes. But if it means getting out of the house for 24 hours when winter has looooong worn out its welcome, swimming all day, eating junk food, jumping on hotel beds, ordering pizza for dinner, and sleeping-oh-so-soundly (and early bedtimes)….well then YES.

Depot outside

Depot patio

What’s the first thing they do?  Wrestle and trash the bed, of course.

Sam and Henry wrestle 1

Sam and Henry wrestle 2

Sam and Henry wrestle 3

The waterpark had a train theme, which was fitting.

waterpark train 1

waterpark train 2

waterpark train 3

There was a kiddie pool area, an older kids/adults pool with basketball hoop, water slide, and hot tub.  Plllllenty to occupy ourselves for the day.

waterpark bridge

Hi DT!

DT, waterpark bridge

waterpark - kiddie slide

DT and the kids, waterpark

There’s Sam swimming around….

Sam swimming

Henry (in blue and goggles) holds onto the log for dear life.

Henry swimming

Sam and DT (bottom) shot tons of hoops….

DT and Sam, shooting hoops

DT swimming

DT and Henry swimming

Every 15-20 minutes, the sound effects of a train coming into a station would play, and water would come gushing out of this spigot onto the swimmers below.  So much fun!

water downpour 1

water downpour 2

(See DT lifting Henry up, bottom left-ish.)

water downpour 3

water downpour - train

The locomotive would also burst!

I was like a speeding bullet flying down the water slide….I nearly lost my shirt, eep! :-\

DT, Sam, Henry swimming

This is a good one.

Sam and Henry, rain shower

Sam and Henry, whirlpool

Sam and Henry enjoying the hot tub….I like this one too.

We had one power swimming session right after we arrived, then took a little break to dry out in the room.  Like this:

chillin' between swims

We hit the park again later that afternoon and swam/played hard until the evening.

Then it was time for….PIZZA!  Sarpino’s was right down the street.

pizza dinner 1

pizza dinner 2

Sam, pizza

Once stomachs were stuffed, it didn’t take long for a couple of kids to start winding down.

winding down

By about 9:00….

asleep by 9:00

And that’s a wrap!

We all had a blast, even if we took in about five gallons of chlorine water apiece.  So worth it! 🙂

How was your weekend?


One Comment on “Screens from Saturday – Waterpark!”

  1. Susan Taylor says:

    Looks like you had a great time!! Wonderful pictures!!

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