Feline Fridays


Happy Spring! (Or not.)

At this very moment I’d like to follow RJ’s lead and hunker down right next to the heating vent. Because it’s been COLD outside and has felt more like December than two days after winter is supposed to be over. March can be such a cruel month.

With the furnace blasting, RJ gets super squirrely under the table, rolling around, getting stuck in between the legs and banging into the chairs. He and Milo often fight for this space, and Milo usually tends to bulldoze RJ out, unless he’s warming up in our room here.

RJ squirrely 1

RJ squirrely 2

He crazy!

RJ squirrely 3

Other way now!


What’s on deck for your weekend? Ours will be mostly quiet and chill, a nice break from the last couple weekends of go-go-go.

Whatever you’re up to, enjoy and stay WARM! 🙂


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