Giada’s Espresso Brownies

Hello, and happy Easter!

Are you as stuffed to the gills as we are?!  DT and I had a lovely afternoon with my parents and we had quite an Easter feast at their house.  Smoked ribs for the carnivores, smoked tofu for the herbivore (me), baked beans, corn bread, and coleslaw.

My mom asked me to bring dessert, so I went through our cookbooks and Giada De Laurentiis’ espresso brownies caught my eye.  How I knew it was meant to be that I make this recipe:  early Friday morning an episode of Cooking Channel’s The Perfect 3 recorded on the DVR, and guess what?  It was all about brownies and Giada was making her espresso brownies!

Well, then….it was settled.

espresso brownie ingredients

Ingredients: brownie mix, chocolate chips, eggs, espresso, canola oil. For the glaze: confectioner’s sugar and vanilla extract.  The strawberries, ice cream, and hot fudge are just yummy bonus add-ons. 🙂

espresso brownie recipe

Start with oil, water, eggs, and espresso powder:

eggs, espresso, oil, water

Then add the brownie mix:

brownie mix added

Now the chocolate chips:

chocolate chips added

Pour the batter into a cooking-sprayed pan:

batter into pan

brownie batter

And bake!  350 degrees for about 35 minutes.  Don’t do what I did and turn the oven off when I went to set the timer and then cleared it when I decided to use the egg timer instead.  That means the baking time will be longer, hrm.  :-\

While the brownies were in the oven (and it turns out I had plenty of time to do this due to user error noted above), I mixed up the glaze – more espresso powder, water, butter, and confectioner’s sugar.

espresso glaze

Brownies are done!  Pay no attention to the two gaping holes in the middle where I poked in toothpicks.

baked brownies


glazing brownies

brownies with glaze

Cut ’em up and serve!

brownie and strawberries

Ooooo, these were a treat.  They were fudge-y and kind of gooey, and the espresso definitely did not overpower.  Next time I would consider adding a titch more.

Make these now!

I’m off to continue digesting….goodnight!


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